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Titanium Complex
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Titanium Complex

Density: 1.05-1.10 g/ml

Appearance: Yellow or orange-yellow transparent and viscous liquid

pH value: 4-5

Ti content: ≥8.0%

Solubility: Soluble in isopropanol and has hydrolysis reaction with water.

Application: Used as vulcanization accelerator of dealcoholized RTV to accelerate the curing, adjust the modulus after silicon curing, increase the adhesion on some base materials, improve the storage stability and prolong the warranty period. It applies to the industries such as printing ink, paint and brushing, and may have cross-linking reaction with base material, printing ink and active groups in coating connector, in order to improve the adhesion, heat resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance of ink and coating.

Storage: Keep the product in cool and ventilated places.

Package: Plastic drum; net weight: 200 kg

The product refers to a kind of excellent treating agent for glass fiber to improve the mechanical strength, electrical property and anti-aging performance of composite materials.

The product applies to fiberglass materials such as poly acid resin, epoxy resin, phenolic resin, melamine formaldehyde resin and nylon.

The product applies to the preparation of single-component room-temperature vulcanized silicon rubber that contains methyltrimethoxysilane.


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